Encompass Advisors, Ltd. is a fiduciary investment firm provides transparent
insight to individuals
throughout North Carolina & the US.
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As a Fiduciary,
We Invest in You.

As a fiduciary financial advisory firm, our team at Encompass Advisors, Ltd. is legally and ethically bound to serve your interests above all else.

You should never feel uncertain or stressed about your investments.

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No Commissions.

We don’t get paid by a third-party based on what fund we sell you. Encompass Advisors, Ltd. is a fee-only wealth management firm. That means we are fully dedicated to finding you the best solutions for your goals.

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A Local Financial Advisor for a
Global Marketplace.

Wherever you are and whatever you want to achieve through investing, our team has experience in both the local and international markets. We serve clients both locally and nationwide.

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Our Advantages Over Brokers.

Why choose a
fee-only firm
fiduciary like us?

There are two types of advisors.

One can sell you funds with a commission attached - regardless of how profitable that fund is.

The other is legally and ethically required to present you with the best fund possible and protect your interests.

A fiduciary is the “other advisor”.

A fiduciary doesn’t take a commission, and they are fully dedicated to helping you meet your goals.

In practice, this means you’ll experience complete transparency in every aspect of your financial plan. And you’ll have access to high-quality funds and assets that brokers, commission-based, or fee-based advisors can’t offer you.

As a fee-only Registered Investment Advisor (RIA) firm under the North Carolina Investment Advisers Act, those of us at Encompass Advisors are held to the fiduciary trust standard, which legally requires us to act in your best interest.

And we wouldn’t
have it any other way.

Our fiduciary process makes the difference.

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Holistic Wealth Management
& Financial Planning

You’re more than your portfolio.
That’s why we do more than crunch numbers.

You are your most important asset. Our goal is to ensure that you get the most out of every dollar, whether you need general financial advice, retirement planning, estate planning, or another wealth management service. To do this, our registered investment advisors take your emotional, physical, and financial wellbeing into consideration.

We seamlessly coordinate with your attorney, CPA, and other trusted advisors to ensure that your financial strategy is comprehensive.

But you may be asking yourself:

"That’s all great, but what exactly can you
offer as a fiduciary?"

What We Offer

Outside of retirement and estate planning,we also assist individuals in handling their finances when changing their careers, shifting to an alternative lifestyle, find ways to finance long-term care, safeguard their net worth, and efficiently structure their tax obligations.


During bear markets and an era of declining interest rates, how can you retain and grow your wealth? Our advisors are equipped with institutional funds to help you maintain your legacy.


Not sure if you’ll have enough? We can help you navigate the tricky business of retirement and estate planning. This can include not just investment advice, but also how to finance long-term care, define spending boundaries, and optimize social security benefits.


It’s no secret that handling your own 401(k) can be time-consuming, confusing, and stressful. We can help you manage your assets as a held-away account to ensure that your 401(k) is always working for you.


Discover strategies to lessen your tax burden. We can work with your CPA to access your quarterly tax payments, anticipate tax concerns, ensure you aren’t overpaying your capital gains tax, and uncover opportunities to reduce your tax obligations.


Ensuring that you know where your money is going and when it is coming in is essential to successful financial planning. We analyze your spending and income to better manage your cash flow.


Our life insurance plans offer numerous potential benefits, as they can be incorporated into your tax mitigation and financial planning strategies.

Who We Serve Defines
Our Investing Approach

Retirement Minded

Our clients focus on the long-term. And so do we. Regardless of your current financial state and what life-milestones you’ve crossed, you believe in preparing for the future.

Family Oriented

Family can mean many things.
For some, it’s a spouse and two children. To others, it’s just a life partner or their loved pets. Our clients care about those closest to them and want to ensure they are financially stable.

Alternative Lifestyles

Many of our clients are out of the rat race and are looking to support alternative lifestyles or career changes. A secure financial foundation helps them to live the life they want.

Value Focused

We work with individuals who care understand the difference between value and a “good enough” deal. We want only the best for our clients, and they know what it looks like.

Business Professionals

Whether you are just starting your career or you are moving up the corporate ladder, you don’t have time to investigate every potential income opportunity. Our clients have peace of mind and less work on their plate when they can depend on our analysis.

Prizes Integrity

Most of all, our clients prize integrity. They understand that objective advice trumps any “get rich quick” scheme and know that brokers aren’t required to give them the best counsel.

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Institutional funds

Gain Access to High Quality Assets

Have you ever tried to invest in stocks, mutual funds, or ETFs from a self-service brokerage site or e-advisor?

Have you ever tried to invest in stocks, mutual funds, or ETFs from a self-service brokerage site or e-advisor?

Online portals like TD Ameritrade, Schwab, and Vanguard are great - but you can only see retail assets, which usually come with higher fees and lower returns.
These are stocks, ETFs, and other investments that you can only purchase through a
Registered Investment Advisor.

As a Registered Investment Advisor (RIA) firm, we have access to high-quality assets called institutional funds that you cannot see at a self-service brokerage.

With already over $5 million invested, we can offer investments for a fraction of the full share price. These assets usually provide the potential for lower fees, greater security and better returns.

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What are we doing over at Encompass Advisors?
When we aren’t speaking with clients, we are watching the markets and running numbers.

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