We are a fiduciary

We provide unbiased judgment based on experience, prudence, and our clients’ best interests.

But what does that really mean?

Understanding the difference

Fiduciary & Brokers Explained.

Imagine this scenario,
You’re sitting in your broker’s office waiting for them to finish a meeting.
The door opens, your broker walks out shaking hands with a very
slickly-dressed person.

You later find out they are a sales representative for a mediocre mutual fund family, who your broker refers to as a “wholesaler.

What you find out much later, the hard way, is that the wholesaler had just informed your broker about an all-expense-paid cruise to Fiji that they will win if they’re the top seller of the wholesaler’s mutual funds over the next two months.

Guess which mutual fund
your broker recommend
you buy that day?

Is it Legal ?
Is it Right ?
How can this happen ?

Your broker has no fiduciary responsibility to you.

That means your broker does not have to
put your best interests first.

So why choose us again ?

As a fee-only Registered Investment Advisor (RIA) firm under the NC Investment Advisers Act,
we are held to the fiduciary trust standard, which legally requires us to act in your best interest.

And that's something we are very good at.
Our Process

Our goal is to design a wealth management plan that is uniquely tailored to you and your objectives.

That’s why our entire process is collaborative, systematic, and completely transparent. There are no guessing games or uncertainty - and we are always on call to answer your questions.


We will have an in-depth discovery session to get to know you, your family, and your investing goals.

You’ll answer a questionnaire to help us estimate your risk tolerance and investing style, and we’ll preview your current portfolio.

Download document "what you need to bring"

Here we begin to analyze your assets. We review financial statements, tax returns, other relevant documentation and your portfolio.


Finally, we create an investment portfolio tailored to your unique needs.

For example, we may create a retirement plan that optimizes Social Security benefits, with a detailed timeline and key milestones.


After discussing your portfolio and plan options, we can begin executing the agreed-upon investment strategy. We may open new accounts, transfer assets, and coordinate with your professional advisors and family members to ensure a smooth implementation.


We periodically evaluate your investment performance. In addition, we can meet regularly to discuss progress and adjust your strategy based on changing goals, circumstances, and market conditions

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At Encompass Advisors, we provide wealth management and investment guidance for every aspect of your financial life – and we do it with a warm, personal approach. Located in western North Carolina, we serve clients locally, nationally, and globally.