Who We Serve Defines
Our Investing Approach

Retirement Minded

Our clients focus on the long-term. And so do we. Regardless of your current financial state and what life milestones you’ve crossed, you believe in preparing for the future.

Family Oriented

Family can mean many things.
For some, it’s a spouse and two children. For others, it’s a life partner or their loved pets. Our clients care about those closest to them and want to ensure they are financially stable.

Alternative Lifestyles

Many of our clients are out of the rat race and are looking to support alternative lifestyles or career changes. A secure financial foundation helps them to live the life they want.

Value Focused

We work with individuals who understand the difference between value and a “good enough” deal. We want only the best for our clients, and they know what it looks like.

Business Professionals

Whether you are just starting your career or are moving up the corporate ladder, you don’t have time to investigate every potential income opportunity. Our clients have peace of mind and less work on their plate when they can depend on our analysis.

Prizes Integrity

Most of all, our clients prize integrity. They understand that objective advice trumps any “get rich quick” scheme and know that brokers aren’t required to give them the best counsel.

How Much can I invest ?

You may have seen that many investors suggest saving between 10%-15% of your income. But is that right for you?

Before deciding how much you can or should invest, we look at your goals, life plan, and current finances to develop the best savings and investment plan possible.
Minimum investment


At Encompass Advisors Ltd., we believe in quality service. To ensure that our clients get the one-on-one care they deserve and value for their investments, we maintain a minimum investment.

However, if you fall below our minimum range, we can still arrange a consultation to help guide you to the right resources.

Our Investment Strategy

We treat your investments with the same care as our investments. And since we invest heavily, we have access to premium assets and tools that are only available with multi-million dollar minimums.

Our investments

We Have Access to Premium Assets.
Here Are a Few

We only invest in institutional funds with a minimum investment of $1 million and expense ratios starting at .01%

Grantham, Mayo &
Van Otterloo
Dimensional Fund
Grantham, Mayo &
Van Otterloo
Dimensional Fund
The tools we use

Technology Stack

There’s more data out there than ever. How much is accurate?

At Encompass Advisors, we focus on trusted resources of financial information and analysis to determine which assets are the best fit for your objectives. From beta ratios to running specific assets through various scenarios, we make sure you have the best information possible to make confident decisions on your investments.

Our Resources

We use a variety of financial resources and software to assure we have enough information to make an informed decision.

While this software doesn’t guarantee returns, they do help us better understand the risk-reward of specific assets. Our software setup also allows us to work with you completely online - no matter where you are located.

Industry-Level Insights

We use conflict-free, third-party institutional-level research sources to ensure that you have the most in-depth analysis available before making a decision.

Scenario Modeling Tools

With our extensive toolset, we use big data to model multiple scenarios for your portfolio. We can compare how multiple factors might affect an investment for better insight into a specific asset.

Lower Fees

Rather than just taking investing fees, such as the expense ratio, at face value, we can see how fees will affect your investments over time and look for places to save. After all, the lower your fees, the more you make.

Quality Signals

When should you buy, sell, or hold?
We key in on high-quality signals and alerts that allow us to identify favorable or unfavorable times to act on your investment plans.
Combined with or other research tools, these signals can help us confirm or question our hunches before we put money down.

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Our Process

See how we help you.

Financial planning and wealth management aren't just running numbers. It’s a relationship. We believe that to give you the best guidance possible, we first have to know you as a person. In our initial session, we will get to know you, your goals, and your portfolio.

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