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Financial Planning
Has the Stock Market Hit Bottom? And the 2023 Economy

Many investors are asking: has the stock market hit bottom? But the answer isn’t so simple. Here is what we know going into the 2023 economy.

Financial Planning
How to Prepare Financially for Alzheimer’s and Dementia: Your Questions Answered

Preparing financially for Alzheimer’s and dementia is about more than dollars and cents. You should take steps to protect your well-being and legacy, too.

The Housing Market Bubble: Ready to Burst?

Will the housing market bubble burst and is the real estate market ready for a crash? Here is what we know so far.

Wealth Management
How Much Does a Financial Advisor Cost?

A financial advisor is never free. And the difference between fee-only and free advisors is bigger than you think.

Awareness, Investing Strategies, and Following Your Gut

Gut feeling isn’t enough to pick the right investments at the right. But being aware of our surroundings can give us more insight into the realities of the market.

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